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Chronicles of Hart: Escape (1)Chronicles of Hart: Escape (1)Chronicles of Hart: Escape (1)

After Nearly ten years of captivity, Grace is ready to make a run for it. When her escape attempt is nearly thwarted again, she finds herself racing through underground tunnels towards her freedom with the help of a friend that she had thought was lost to her forever. With help from the Federal Bureau, Grace and Ethan fight their way from captivity and discover the lengths that her captors are willing to go to keep her. Through vast forests and raging tides, she fights her way back. Will she make it to freedom, or will the secrets she holds be lost with her forever?




Chronicles of Hart: Carnival (2)Chronicles of Hart: Carnival (2)Chronicles of Hart: Carnival (2)

Grace was ready to let her past go... Until Ethan receives a letter that leaves them diving into Hart's past. As his history is unveiled the two find themselves again fighting for their freedom, unaware of the lives that hang in the balance. When the trail leads them to an abandoned Carnival, the truth begins to unfold. Even with the aid of Agents King and Chung, time is running out. Racing against the clock, Ethan searches through his past for the answer to a question he isn't willing to ask. Will he be the hero, or will the timer hit zero?





Chronicles of Hart: Island (3)Chronicles of Hart: Island (3)Chronicles of Hart: Island (3)

They thought they were safe… Until a letter arrives and sends them back into Hart’s reach. Trapped on an island without Agents King and Chung to rely on, Ethan and Grace are left to fend for themselves and keep Jerry and Jenny safe. With nowhere to go, the four must pull together to find a way out, before their unseen foe finds a way to kill them. How far would you go to survive?




Chronicles of Hart: Trilogy

Available exclusively for ereaders, the full Chronicles of Hart series including Escape, Carnival and Island.










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