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Prince Felix was unworthy of the throne, there was no doubt about it. When he was cast out to prove his worth on a quest of great importance, he was unprepared, but not alone. With the aid of his advisor and a mysterious girl, he faced dark forests that came to life, creatures that rose from the deep, bridges of ice, and mists of souls. Something was wrong in the Field of Mirrors and a terrible fate awaited Avidaura if they failed. Prince Felix wasn’t ready for the world to be resting on his shoulders, but if they didn’t complete the quest, all would be lost.


Join the quest.


 Kobo, AvidauraKobo, Avidaura



Avidaura: Fallen


When Ash goes missing through one of the mirrors on End Key, Felix and Piper find themselves faced with a new quest; bringing Ash home. The world on the other side is not what Felix expected and finding a Wizard in a world without magic will take every trick that Piper has.

While trying to navigate the other world to find their friend, Piper comes to a shocking revelation about her past that sends them back to Avidaura, but it is not the world they left behind. Avidaura has fallen in their absence, a darkness has risen and the world is in chaos.  Dragons and Giants have left the Badlands and nowhere is safe. Riddled with questions, their only hope for survival is to reach the castle.

A new King Awaits.




Avidaura: War of Wizards

Avidaura is still in the grasps of the False King, and the Fallen army must go to war in a final attempt to save all they hold dear. It will take all the allies and magic they can muster to stop the fate that awaits them at the hands of the Dark Wizard.

With all nine realms lying in the balance: Dragons, Giants, Centaurs, Dark Fairies, Clurichaun and Humans will collide in a battle where all have something to lose.

When the dust settles, not all will survive; and nothing will be the same.

Beware the Fallen.



Avidaura: Aftermath

As the dust of war settles, King Felix has finally ascended the throne of a Kingdom in dire need of direction. He strives to rebuild the Avidauran Council and return the land to what it once was, and what it was meant to be.

Leaving Ash to manage her first task as High Wizard, Felix ventures to his home in search of a new beginning and finds that the castle he left behind had changed, and will continue to change until he can put a stop to the lock down that is thwarting his plans.

Meanwhile Ash must return to End Key in search of a solution for the magical rift that is causing a disturbance at the crossroads. She will have to race against the clock before the strange void manages to tear her world apart or claim another victim.

A Kingdom is reborn.





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